League of Legends Reveals Yone and His Abilities

League of Legends’ latest teasers about yet another new champion after Lillia have now led to the reveal of Yone, the half-brother of Yasuo who will be the game’s next champion. Yone’s a mix between assassins and skirmishers, Riot Games said, and he’s got some abilities that’ll look a bit familiar to anyone who’s fond of playing as Yasuo. A lengthy cinematic released alongside Yone’s reveal showed the relationship between him and Yasuo while a separate video showed off each of Yone’s abilities alongside descriptions of how they’ll work.

Aside form their appearance and their relationship, Yone’s got some abilities that’ll look familiar to Yasuo players. He’s able to stab at enemies with his weapon and can dash through them while knocking people airborne, but he at least won’t be Wind Walling your projectiles.

Lore enthusiests can check out the video above to see what the relationship between Yasuo and Yone was like at various stages of their life and how they eventually reconcile their differences. Yone’s abilities are broken down below to show what the new champion is capable of.

Passive - Way of the Hunter

Yone uses two blades, causing every second attack to deal more magic damage. His critical strike chance is also doubled, but his critical strikes deal reduced damage.

Q - Mortal Steel

Yone thrusts forward, dealing physical damage to opponents. On hit, he gains a stack of Gathering Storm. At two stacks, Yone can dash forward with a wave that makes enemies airborne.

W - Spirit Cleave

Yone cleaves forward in a massive arc, dealing a portion of the target's maximum health. After successfully hitting an enemy, Yone also gains a temporary shield. The shield's power increases per champion struck.

E - Soul Unbound

Yone can enter his Spirit Form, gaining movement speed and leaving his body behind. When Yone's Spirit Form expires, he'll snap back into his body and deal a percentage of all the damage he dealt while in Spirit Form.

R - Fate Sealed


Yone strikes all enemies in his path, blinking behind the last enemy hit and knocking everyone airborne towards him.

Yone will release in Patch 10.16. He’ll launch with a Spirit Blossom skin which will make him the tenth champion to receive one of the new cosmetics along with Lillia who also launched with a Spirit Blossom skin.