League of Legends Is Bringing Back Your Shop

League of Legends Your Shop
(Photo: Riot Games)

Your Shop is once again scheduled to be reopened in League of Legends as part of the special Snowdown events.

Whether you were a naughty or nice League player this year, everyone will be able to access Your Shop again starting on Dec. 8. The shop won’t be around for too long though, so whatever you want from the personalized discounts, you’ll have to make sure you purchase quickly.

An update from Riot Games provided more details on the exact start and end times of the next Your Shop opening as well as some of the restrictions on different skins that you won’t be finding in the custom sales.

“Stock up on discounted champs and skins curated for you this Snowdown season, starting December 12, 2017 at 8:00 AM PT. Your Snowdown Shop features up to six unique champions or skins (excluding Legendary, Limited, Loot-exclusive, and Ultimate) released more than three months ago—all discounted at up to 70% off. Grab your favorites before doors close on January 8, 2018 at 11:59 PM PT.

During every Your Shop event, a special shop opens up with discounted skins that only you can see. The deals are personalized for your playstyles and should give you cheap skin options for the champions that you play most with several different deals to pick from. Of course, with how cheap the skins are going to be, you might end up grabbing more than one skin from the sale before it ends on Jan. 8.


However, if you’re a new player who got roped into League during the preseason by a friend, your first Your Shop event won’t be quite as personalized. The bot that creates the sales looks at your play history over the course of 6 months when creating your deals, so if you haven’t been playing for that long, Your Shop will feel a bit more random.

You can see more details about Your Shop through an FAQ, but be ready for the specialized shop when it reopens on Dec. 12.