'Lego DC Super-Villains' DLC Released, 'Aquaman' Jason Momoa Stars In New Trailer

The first batch of downloadable content has arrived for Lego DC Super-Villains -- and they actually brought in the real Aquaman to promote it!

The Aquaman Movie Content pack has made its debut in the highly-heralded Lego game, which is available now as part of the Season Pass, which goes for $14.99. You’ll also be able to purchase this separately along with a forthcoming Aquaman pack this January, going for $5.99 for the bundle.

As noted above, it’s based on the film that will be making its debut on December 21, and features a number of playable characters, including Aquaman, Black Manta and Mera, amongst many others.

And what better way to promote the new content than with Aquaman himself? Yep, Jason Momoa can be seen in the trailer above, hyping how cute his little Lego character is, and how exciting it is for players to finally be able to re-enact his character’s actions -- well, in a Lego-ized way, anyway.

“Check out this little handsome guy!” says Momoa in the trailer. “Not only am I a cool Aquaman minifigure, but you also get to check me out, Mighty Ohm and Manta, based on the upcoming Aquaman movie in Lego DC Super-Villains video game. So awesome.”

The trailer also gives you an idea of just what kind of ground you’ll be covering in the new content, as you take on evil forces and attempt to keep the balance between the Earth and the sea.

This is just the beginning for the game’s forthcoming DLC plans, which are likely to also include a pack based on Shazam!, as well as other chapters featuring characters from various parts of the DC Universe. Who knows, we might even see a pack based on the line-up of hit TV shows that can currently be seen on the WB.


The core Lego DC Super-Villains game is certainly worth purchasing as well. In my review, I noted, “We’ve seen some really good Lego games over the years, but I’ll be darned if we play anything as good as DC Super-Villains for some time. Everything just comes together into a wondrous package here, from the gameplay to the visuals to the music to the voice acting to the abundant replay value. And it’s something kids and adults alike will enjoy, especially those that live for a good comic book or two and wonder, ‘Hey, what if I were the bad guy?’ Well, now you can find out and keep your real-life record clean. Sometimes it’s good to be bad, and, boy, did TT Games prove it this time around.”

Lego DC Super-Villains is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.