Lil Nas X Releases Twerk Hero Game For Free

Lil Nas X is branching into gaming with a brand new Twerk Hero game. The browser game is the sort of cheeky idea that the "Old Town Road" loves to push out onto the web. His "Montero" video is still one of the most hotly debated clips on the Internet. Some people weren't a fan of his twerking down in the comments section. Well, now those people can try their hand for themselves. Crafted with Unity, the game challenges fans to try their hand at the rhythm game formula, with that catchy song in the background. Roni Games actually developed the title, and they get a shout-out as it boots up in the tab. It's pretty surreal to see Lil Nas X have his own game, but one of the first rules of the Internet is to expect the unexpected. (Honestly, the entire thing gives you a sort of Sneak King vibe, where you ask yourself, "Is this a real event that happened, or did I just imagine it?) At any rate, you can click below to see the video of Nas demonstrating those dance moves.

In other news surrounding the hip-hop star, Nike actually sued a customizer he's worked with for brand infringement. The footwear company took issue with a pair of Air Max 97s customized in black and red. (In true provocateur fashion, they also included a drop of human blood!) So, the Lil Nas X hype is almost as high as "Old Town Road." Recently, the star talked to Genius about the lyrics to Montero (Call Me By Your Name). He explained that the song might allow fans to see themselves in the music without the self-loathing attached to sexuality.

"That was one of the first gay films that I had watched, and I thought the theme was so dope of calling somebody by your own name," Nas X said of Call Me By Your Name. "The way everything is shot, the way the dialogue goes on, the way the background sounds are used, everything about it is so artsy."

"I feel like that's really important for representation in general," the pop star added. "And this is gonna open more doors for one day when someone's like, 'Oh, this person said that, and I didn't even think about it… It has so many key points, even surrounding the song ... which is why it's going to be super important for me, and for so many other people."


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