Logan Paul and KSI Both Think They Won Their Fight

The boxing match between YouTube personalities Logan Paul and Olajide William “KSI” Olatunji [...]

The boxing match between YouTube personalities Logan Paul and Olajide William "KSI" Olatunji ended in a draw, but both YouTubers feel like they should've won the fight.

Facing one another in Manchester Arena, the two fought for a total of six rounds before a verdict was reached on who the victor was. After hyping the match for so long and finally fighting, the event ended in a draw with neither Logan Paul nor KSI declared the winner. In the days following the fight, the two YouTubers-turned-boxers voiced their opinions on the outcome through Twitter with each one of them saying that they felt like they outperformed the other.

KSI shared his thoughts on Twitter first while saying that he should've won the whole thing, though he admitted that the first two rounds weren't in his favor. Saying that he started off slow, KSI added that had the boxing match lasted double the time it did and went on to a twelfth round, he would've been the winner. He added that it was overall a "good fight" while his supporters backed him up.

Following that tweet, Logan Paul shared his own perspective of the match while justifying his reasoning for why he should've won. While KSI said that Logan Paul only had two rounds on him, Logan Paul said that the score was actually 4-2, at least to him. Calling out KSI for illegal hits, he alluded at the rematch that's to come, something that the two decided at the end of their fight. Just as they did for KSI, Logan Paul's followers backed up his view of the fight.

Regardless of the YouTuber's opinions on the fight, it officially ended in a draw, but there's a rematch to look forward to. It's unclear how many will be tempted to buy that one though seeing how popular Twitch was as a source for a free stream that bypassed having to pay the $10 buy-in fee on YouTube.