Magic: The Gathering Arena Reveals Mac Launch Date

Magic: The Gathering Arena is finally making its Mac debut. The free-to-play digital edition of [...]

Magic: The Gathering Arena is finally making its Mac debut. The free-to-play digital edition of Magic: The Gathering will be available to play on Mac devices beginning June 25th exclusively through the Epic Games Stores. The game is currently available on PC with plans to come to mobile devices soon. Existing Magic: The Gathering Arena players will be able to seamlessly transition to playing on Mac, if they choose, with fully supported cross-platform play. That includes access to their existing account, card collection, friends list, and more.

Wizards of the Coast timed the launch of Magic: The Gathering Arena on Mac to the debut of Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2021, the newest Magic: The Gathering set, on MTG Arena. The latest release offers a mix of all-new cards and reprints of powerful cards from Magic's history. Magic's designers intend for Core Set 2021 to have something to offer every kind of Magic player, no matter how they choose to play the game.

From launch, Mac players will be able to experience all of the different game modes Magic: The Gathering Arena has to offer. Those modes include the recently introduced Player Draft with Core Set 2021 and new play events that help celebrate the new Core Set release.

The release of Core Set 2021 accompanies Jumpstart's debut, offering a new way to play Magic: The Gathering. The set features more reprints of classic Magic cards and will also come to MTG Arena, though with some substitutions.

This new platform release further elevates MTG Arena's profile in the greater Magic: The Gathering community. With the coronavirus pandemic taking hold and Wizards fo the Coast having suspended its organized play program for a time, many players turned to Arena to keep playing. Arena continues to host Friday Night Magic events, store-run digital tournaments, and has made the Brawl format free for all for extended amounts of time.

Magic: The Gathering Arena has also pushed its unique Historic format by launching the full-time Historic ranked queue. Historic is an Arena-only format where all cards available in the game (sans a few bans and suspensions) are legal, including curated Historic Anthology sets that bring classic Magic cards to the game for the first time. That's in contrast to the Standard Format, which focuses on Magic's newest releases. Standard will experience its yearly rotation with the debut of the Zendikar Rising set in the fall.