Magic: The Gathering Got Carl Weathers to Make an Easter Egg-filled Training Montage

Magic: The Gathering Arena launched out of beta on Thursday with the release of the new Throne of Eldraine set for Magic: The Gathering. To commemorate the moment, Wizards of the Coast put out a special video. In the video, It Chapter One star Sophia Lillis is having a tough time competing in Magic: The Gathering Arena. Lucky for her, actor Carl Weathers comes walking out of her Magic: The Gathering poster as a kind of wise master Planeswalker. Weathers is a veteran of the 1980s Hollywood scene, having starred several films in the Rocky franchise. Having had that experience, Weathers knows excatly what Lillis needs: a training montage.

The video then becomes a Magic: The Gathering-themed training montage like something straight out of a 1980s film, complete with cheesy music. The video is also full of Magic: The Gathering Easter eggs, such as Weathers telling Lillis that she punches like a Beeble. You can watch the entire video above.

There are a lot more Easter eggs in the video, many condensed onto the chalkboard Weathers uses to teach Lillis. Here’s a digital version of that chalkboard that Wizards of the Coast put out on the official Magic: The Gathering Facebook page for you to examine for yourself if you’re so inclined.

Magic the Gathering Easter Egg Blackboard
(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

Players may want to do some training of their own, with or without the montage. As part of the launch of Magic: The Gathering Arena, players will have the chance to play with every card in Standard to win every card in Standard. Players only get one shot at the prize, so they’ll want to be at the very peak of their game.


Throne of Eldraine is now available in Magic: The Gathering Arena. The new set blends Grimm’s Fairytales with Arthurian legend. It also introduces some new mechanics to the game, including Food, Adamant, and Adventure. The set introduces the new Planeswalker named Oko and brings back fan-favorite Planeswalker Garruk. Magic: The Gathering Arena introduced a new Mastery Pass to go with the new set, which includes a Garruk avatar and some Throne of Eldraine-themed cosmetic items. was invited to take part in a sneak preview of the new set. You can read our first impressions here.

What do you think of Carl Weathers’s Magic: The Gathering training montage? Think you caught all the Easter eggs? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.