Man Fatally Shot His Mother Over a Broken Gaming Headset

28 year old Matthew Nicholson is currently in custody after allegedly shooting, and killing, his [...]

(Photo: Ceres Police Dept.)

28 year old Matthew Nicholson is currently in custody after allegedly shooting, and killing, his mother over a broken gaming headset following a heated argument that led to he himself breaking it. According to police reports, both parents were blamed - and threatened - resulting in Nicholson pointing the gun to his mother before his father could relinquish him of his weapon.

According to initial reports, Nicholson was playing a game in his bedroom where he lived with his parents in California. His mother, Lydia Nicholson, came in and an argument ensued. During the exchange, reports state that he broke his own headset and then blamed Lydia for the damage which escalated the fight to an ultimately fatal level. The Daily Mail states that he shot his mother in the head after firing off two rounds, where his father then took the gun away. Nicholson then drove to a family member's house before he was ultimately taken into custody while at a traffic stop.

Lydia Nicholson was 68 years old at the time, survived by his father and her husband; 81 year old Loren Nicholson. A family member told Fox 40, "I understand that he would've killed the father too, but the gun dammed. The father grabbed the gun, then emptied it."

Immediately after the son left, Loren Nicholson phoned in to the police to report the incident where Lydia was then rushed to the hospital before passing from injury. His sister, Autumn, also took to Social Media to pay tribute to her mother while making sense of a senseless crime:

'I will forever love you, my best friend, my chosen one, my always, my forever my protector, my motivation, my blessing, and now my guardian angel," she wrote. "My heart is shattered and I promise your memory will live on forever in me, Dad, Cameron, and Chris. You've earned your wings, fly and be free."

The shooter is currently in custody for homicide and will remain in custody without bail.

(Via The Daily Mail)