Take-Two Renews Manhunt Trademark, A New Manhunt on the Horizon?

Manhunt first made its debut back in 2003 and was instantly met with conflicting reviews due to [...]


Manhunt first made its debut back in 2003 and was instantly met with conflicting reviews due to its many controversies. That being said, the survival horror title has a very loyal following and after Manhunt 2 hit years later - players have been itching for just one more installment to tide them over. Unfortunately, news on the future of the franchise has been mum - at least until now.

It appears that Take-Two, the parent company to Rockstar Games (the team behind Manhunt), has renewed the trademark for the franchise instantly igniting fan excitement about a potential new title. Technically, this isn't new news, only newly revealed. According to the official trademark listing, it was technically renewed back in 2016 but only recently has the approved filing been revealed to the public.

The trademark itself should be good until 2026, so there's a lot of time between now and then before we could see a potential announcement. On one hand, big releases, such as the Shadow of the Colossus remaster, were confirmed after trademark revelations; on the other hand, sometimes it's a simple protective step covering intellectual property.

That being said, a franchise comeback would definitely be appreciated and the interest is definitely there judging off of the fan reaction for the re-release of Manhunt for the PlayStation 4. Only time will tell what comes of this, but for now - fans have yet another reason to be hopeful!

For more about the original game:

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