'Mario Kart' Fans Sent Stormy Daniels Hate Mail After Trump Comments

Stormy Daniels told Jimmy Kimmel that she received hate mail from Mario Kart fans after she made a comparison to Nintendo's character "Toad" while recounting her encounters with President Donald Trump.

Daniels' new book called Full Disclosure that was published on Tuesday included a chapter detailing her relationship with Trump prior to him becoming President of the United States. Recalling a night that she spent with Trump in his hotel room, she vividly compared Trump's penis to "the mushroom character in Mario Kart" while supplying additional details about her experience with Trump. It's a comparison that dominated online discussions when it was first revealed by The Guardian and led to a roller coaster of emotions when people found out why Mario Kart was trending on Twitter.

Weeks later, Daniels' first interview about her new book was held on Jimmy Kimmel Live with Kimmel asking her questions about the contents of the book and her night with Trump. Skipping ahead to the chapter in question, he read the passage that's found just before the Toad comparison was made, the Nintendo character's name not directly mentioned but surrounded by more vivid details and some profanity. The book uses "like a toadstool" in the comparison before going on to say "the mushroom character in Mario Kart," the closest it gets to naming the character.

After reading the first part at the 8:24 mark in the video above, Daniels interjected to comment on the hate mail that she received from Mario Kart fans who weren't happy with their beloved franchise being tarnished.

"Do you know how much hate mail I've gotten from people who love Mario Kart?" she asked Kimmel after he read the passage from her book. "In one, one day, I managed to ruin half of America's childhood and mushroom farming everywhere."

Daniels' comments on the comparison ended there after recalling a specific message that she received from a disgruntled Mario Kart fan before Kimmel presented her with a lineup of mushrooms to give everyone a better visual, but Toad himself was not found among the options in the lineup.

Published on October 2nd, Daniels' Full Disclosure doesn't deal with her time with Trump, but the comparison to Toad was certainly one of the more unexpected details found within its pages.


Full Disclosure is now available to purchase and Jimmy Kimmel Live can be seen on ABC.