Rumor: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Nintendo Switch Sequel in Development

According to a new rumor, Ubisoft Milan is currently working on a Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle [...]

mario rabbids
(Photo: Ubisoft)

According to a new rumor, Ubisoft Milan is currently working on a Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle sequel for the Nintendo Switch, and it presumably could be revealed pretty soon. The rumor comes from a dubious source, but it seems like a given that a sequel to the 2017 Switch exclusive was in development. After all, it was well received, sold decently, and was a passion project for Ubisoft Milan, who was previously just a support studio for the French video game company.

Unfortunately, there are no other details from the leaker -- who comes way of 4chan -- just that the game is in development and that it's a sequel. Of course, all rumors from 4chan should be taken with a grain of salt or two, but the forum has provided accurate Ubisoft leaks in the past. As for this rumor specifically, it comes as part of a much larger leak that claims there's no Splinter Cell in development, but there are two Far Cry games in the works, including Far Cry 6.

For those that don't know: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is Ubisoft's first Nintendo Switch exclusive. It's a turn-based tactical role-playing game that is reminiscent of titles like XCOM. A crossover between the Mario and Rabbids franchises, the game can be played both by yourself or via co-op. As for the story, you play as Mario, his possy, and a group of Rabbids dressed as them, dealing with the aftermath of an invasion by other less friendly Rabbids. Here's what we had to say about the game in our official review:

"This is a game that will bring families together. It's a game that will have friends sitting next to each other and laughing. It's a game that reminds us how important playfulness and silliness is in this world. It will serve as an inspiration to future developers and designers; a beacon of proof that if you work hard enough and dream big enough you can, by some mysterious alchemical process of creation, bring the raw contents of your imagination to life for others to enjoy. I can't think of anything more Nintendo than that."

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