Marvel Champions Announces Ironheart Hero Pack With New Mechanics

Marvel Champions: The Card Game is adding a brand new hero as well as some interesting new mechanics. This week, Fantasy Flight Games announced they were releasing the Ironheart Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game. Like other Hero Packs, Ironheart will come with a pre-constructed deck that can be used immediately in any Marvel Champions game. Ironheart comes with the standard 15 unique Hero cards as well as a modular encounter set and cards that can be used in any Hero Deck. What's unique about Ironheart is that her core ability is built around "Leveling Up" her armor, which results in her having three unique Hero Cards. 

Marvel Champions: The Card Game is a living card game, with new content added to the game every month. Players choose a single main hero and build a deck using cards unique to that hero, "basic cards" that can be added to any deck, and cards from one of four different aspects. The game comes with both standalone scenarios to play through as well as campaigns that give player the chance to upgrade cards and earn powerful bonuses as they progress through the storyline.

Ironheart starts off with a basic two-sided Hero Card that includes a "Version 1" suit. While in her alter-ego mode, Ironheart can make progress towards building a better suit, collecting upgrade counters on her card. When she collects 6 or more upgrade counters, she can upgrade her suit to the next version, which comes with slightly better stats. Ironheart can collect upgrade counters using other cards in her Hero Deck and can also spend those counters to fuel abilities on other cards in her Hero Deck. Other cards also become more powerful or effective based on which version of Ironheart's suit she's wearing. In total, Ironheart can be upgraded two times.

Notably, Ironheart comes with a Leadership Deck and comes with several other Champions cards, including Cloud 9 and Snowguard. Other Champions recently introduced to the game includes Miles Morales and Ghost-Spider via the Sinister Motives boxed set. A Nova Hero Pack was also recently announced.