Marvel Champions: Ms. Marvel Hero Pack Strategies and Breakdown

Fantasy Flight Games and Asmodee's Marvel Champions initially released with 5 powerful heroes, but it recently added two new heroes to take on the forces of evil. We're here to tackle the second of those new packs, which is themed around the magnificent Ms. Marvel. The deck comes with a set of 15 Ms. Marvel specific cards as well as the Protection Deck and includes upgrades to her suit, buddy Support cards, and a variety of Event cards that show off Ms. Marvel's versatility and inventive power set. If you're curious about how Kamala Khan plays and what to expect from her new Hero deck, look no further.

Like all the other heroes in Champions, Ms. Marvel has an Identity Card, and the Hero side features a 1 for Thwart, Attack, and Defense. That's rather weak, but Ms. Marvel counters that by having an ability that allows you to exhaust Ms. Marvel and return an Attack, Thwart, or Defense Event Card to your hand, which are quite prevalent in her deck.

On the Alter-Ego side, Kamala has a welcome 5 Recovery stat, and being in this form allows you to discard cards from the top of her deck until you Discard a Ms. Marvel card, which you can then add to her hand. Kamala's side of the card also allows for a hand size of 6 instead of 5.

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Using her Alter-Ego to find more Ms. Marvel cards is a necessity, especially early on, as you'll only get the most out of the character with a plethora of Event cards at your disposal. There are four that are important, and each one is pretty cheap and effective.

The first is the Sneak By card (cost 2), which allows you to remove 3 Threat from a Scheme. The second is the Big Hands card (cost 2), which deals 4 damage to an enemy. The third is Wiggle Room (cost 0), and this allows you to interrupt an attack that would damage you and prevent 3 of that damage and the chance to draw 1 card. The fourth is Preemptive Strike (cost 1), and this allows you to interrupt a Minion or Villain's Boost card raw and cancel all Boost icons. You can then deal 1 damage to the villain for every Boost cancelled.

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Using a combination of her Alter-Ego ability and other cards you'll need to try to keep as many of these in your hand as possible, but there are some other great cards as well. 3 particular Upgrade cards stick out, including the Biokinetic Polymer Suit (cost 1), which allows you to exhaust it to generate a Wild Resource. Another must is the Endurance Upgrade Card (cost 1), which gets the player 3 extra Hit Points.

After that, you'll also want to seek out Kamala's 3 friends, who all cost 1 and provide handy abilities. The first is Aamir Khan, who allows you to place 1 card from your Discard back into your deck at the bottom and lets you draw 1 card. Next is Nakia Bahadir, who reduces the cost of the next card you play in the Phase by 1. Finally, there's Bruno Carrelli, who allows you to Exhaust him and then attach 1 card to his facedown. You can do this several times (up to 3) and then when you want to add them to your hand you can then Exhaust him once more. This is a great way to get around the hand limit and save up for a big Attack or Thwart removal.

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Ms. Marvel also comes with 3 Allies, and unlike her other cards, these are a bit expensive. The first is Red Dagger, but while Dagger costs 3, you can spend two different resources to do some damage to the enemy and then put Dagger back in your hand. There's also Lockjaw, who costs 4 but has the handy ability to be played from your Discard pile. Last, there's Nova, who has the ability to Interrupt an enemy and deal 2 damage with a small cost.

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Alright, that's the breakdown on Ms. Marvel, but you can check out more of our Marvel Champions coverage right here, and feel free to hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things Marvel and tabletop!