Marvel Champions to Add Wolverine as Upcoming Hero, Mojo-Verse Themed Scenario Pack

Wolverine and Mojo are joining Marvel Champions: The Card Game. Fantasy Flight Games announced that Wolverine would be included in the current X-Men cycle of their popular living card game, with a Hero Deck built around dealing self-damage to attack other and then healing automatically due to his healing factor. Additionally, a Mojo Mania scenario pack will also be released later this year, which will send characters into the Mojoverse for three linked scenarios, each of which are built around a different TV genre or theme. Fantasy, crime dramas, and sitcoms were all named as potential genre styles that players will encounter in the Mojo Mania scenario pack. 

Marvel Champions: The Card Game is a living card game in which players use a deck based around a specific hero and work with other heroes to defeat supervillains and thwart their schemes. Each scenario has different rules and circumstances, and players can choose to either use a pre-built Hero Deck or make a custom deck that uses a specific hero's cards along with cards from one of four distinct aspects.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game will kick off its X-Men cycle with a full Mutant Genesis campaign boxed set, which will go on sale later this year. That boxed set will include Shadowcat and Colossus, with Cyclops and Phoenix added to the game via standalone hero decks. All the X-Men hero decks can be used in any Marvel Champions card game.  

No release date has been announced for the Wolverine Hero Deck or Mojo Mania Scenario Pack. Given that the X-Men cycle for Marvel Champions: The Card Game kicks off in September, it seems likely that Wolverine will be released in September.