Marvel: Crisis Protocol Announces Updates to Core Set Characters

Atomic Mass Games has announced updates to four of the characters found in its Marvel: Crisis Protocol Core Sets. Earlier this year, Atomic Mass Games announced that several Marvel: Crisis Protocol characters would receive revisions to their stats and abilities. These changes were designed to bring characters more in line with their intended purpose and ensure that characters would continue to remain relevant in the miniatures skirmish game as it enters its third year of publication. Some of the first characters that will receive revisions are characters found in the Marvel: Crisis Protocol Core Set, which typically form the first teams many players use when they initially purchase the game.

Four characters in the Marvel: Crisis Protocol Core Set will receive stat changes: Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and Ultron. Captain America's Strike and Shield Slam abilities now allow him to move characters of Size 3 or less (was previously Size 2) which gives him the ability to target and move more enemy characters. Captain America's other attack, Shield Throw, was also given a Power generating effect, which means that Captain America has more ways to generate Power that can be used to fuel his Bodyguard and Vibranium Shield protective abilities. The base attack power of Shield Throw was also increased from 4 to 5. 

Iron Man also received a buff, with his Friday AI superpower now costing 2 Power instead of 3. This allows Iron Man to consistently boost his own attacks while still generating energy to use either his Unibeam or his Helios Laser Bombardment Team Tactic card. 

Captain Marvel also saw one of her Superpowers receive a buff, as her Binary form now costs 4 Power to use instead of 5. Under certain rosters, Captain Marvel can now enter her Binary Form as early as Round 2, which should let her be a powerhouse a little earlier in the game. Captain Marvel's Danvers' Special superpower also can now throw characters of Size 4 or less, which makes her stand out more compared to other characters with the ability to throw opponents. Finally, Captain Marvel is also immune to Incinerate, giving her some extra protection. 

The final character receiving an upgrade is Ultron. Ultron's base Strike attack generates 1 Power whenever it's used, and his Energy Blast now inflicts Incinerate on a wild. Additionally, his Analyze and Annihilate was changed to being an innate superpower that allows him to reroll one die in his attack roll for every Critical rolled by a defending character. Finally, Ultron's Kinetic Field Generator allows him to toss terrain of Size 4 or smaller, which gives him an additional ability to target faraway characters. 

These changes will go into effect in 2022. Expect to see additional information on when these changes will officially be implemented in the coming months.