Marvel: Crisis Protocol Announces Release Date

Marvel: Crisis Protocol has released a new trailer as well as an official release date for their upcoming tabletop game. Earlier today, Atomic Mass Games released a new trailer hyping the release of Marvel: Crisis Protocol, a new tabletop miniatures game. The trailer showed some up close looks at several new figures, including Venom, Black Panther, and Killmonger. The trailer also confirmed that the game would be available on November 15th. You can check out the trailer below:

Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a brand new skirmish game in which players choose a roster made up of iconic Marvel heroes and villains. Once a scenario and objective is chosen, both players choose their teams and then fight to score the most Victory Points. Each character has unique powers and abilities, many of which are activated by spending power, a critical resource that slowly builds over each round. While players can win by knocking out their opponent, they can also score Victory Points by achieving different objectives. One unique part about Marvel: Crisis Protocol is that the characters can interact with terrain, whether its to climb on top of buildings or to hurl cars at enemies.

As a miniatures game, Marvel: Crisis Protocol will come with miniatures that players build and paint. New content will also be released on a monthly basis, giving players more options as to what characters they want to include on their teams. The first expansions will be character packs for M.O.D.O.K and Hulk, and even more expansions are planned. Marvel: Crisis Protocol has tentative plans to release more game modes in the future.


Marvel: Crisis Protocol will be available for sale on November 15th.