Marvel Games and NetMarble Announce New Open-World RPG

PAX East hasn't had a ton of announcements for video game fans to get excited for, this year. Marvel Games and developer NetMarble, however, seem intent on ending the conference on a high note, with the announcement of an exciting new mobile game. Marvel Future Revolution is an open-world, multiplayer RPG featuring some of the company's biggest names, including the game's initial four playable characters, Spider-Man, Captain America, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel. The two companies also announced some villains appearing in the title, and those include MODOK, the Red Skull, Green Goblin, Yellow Jacket, Red Goblin, and Baron Mordo.

It's interesting to see Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo so prominently used in the game's promotional material. Many fans had assumed the former might have some involvement in the game after Marvel's initial tease of the game last week. The original tweet announcing the panel used imagery similar to that seen in Doctor Strange's original Marvel Studios outing, with New York City "folded" in half. While that didn't seem to have any effect on non-magic users in the movie, in the trailer for Marvel Future Revolution, it looks to be a very real hazard for heroes and civilians alike!

The game will feature some inter-dimensional shenanigans called "the Convergence." As such, Future Revolution will feature multiple versions of popular characters. Some of these alternate versions will be brand-new takes on existing characters, like the New Stark City versions of characters. Other popular variants will also appear, including Spider-Punk. The character gained some increased popularity after appearing as a skin in Marvel's Spider-Man, but this version seems to be the actual alternate reality version of Hobie Brown that debuted in Marvel's Spider-Verse comics.

NetMarble is known for mobile games such as Magic: Mana Strike, The King of Fighters: ALLSTAR, and, of particular relevance to Marvel fans, Marvel Future Fight. Similar to those titles, Marvel Future Revolution appears to be a free-to-start game, with in-app purchases.


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