How To Win Bar Sinister In Marvel Snap With These Tips

Marvel Snap is offering players the chance to pull out some incredibly broken combos once again. Just a few days after running a day-long event focusing on the location Kamar-Taj, which resulted in a flood of White Tiger/Odin decks spamming opponents, Marvel Snap is up to more shenanigans thanks to an event focusing on Bar Sinister. For at least another day, Bar Sinister has a 40% greater likelihood of appearing in a Marvel Snap match, which presents the players the chance to run up some terrifying shenanigans on their opponents. 

The most broken combo involving Bar Sinister involves finding a way to stack Onslaught on the last move with another Ongoing card already in place. Luckily, there's a board control deck involving Nightcrawler, Hulk Buster, Blue Marvel, and Onslaught that guarantees a massive victory, with players able to rack up 10,000 Power on their opponent. 

The first step is to play Nightcrawler on Bar Sinister, which means holding off on playing Nightcrawler until the location has been revealed. Nightcrawler will multiply four times, but can then be moved off of that location. Players should move three of the Nightcrawlers to different locations by Turn 4, so they can play a Hulk Buster on Bar Sinister, which will then create three more Nightcrawlers with boosted stats. After that, players should move a single Nightcrawler off of Bar Sinister by Turn 5 to open up a slot for Blue Marvel, who will not multiply as the other slots on the location are filled. Then, players can move the remaining Nightcrawlers off of Bar Sinister and play Onslaught, which will increase Blue Marvel's +1 buff to +1024. Assumably, your board will have 7 Nightcrawlers (4 of which were Hulk Busters), a Blue Marvel, and 3 Onslaughts, plus room for a 12th a treat. All but Blue Marvel will have that +1024 buff 

There are a few other ways to stack up Onslaught, to the point where we've seen the game actually break as a result. However, the above strategy should comfortably beat your opponent for at least the next few hours, so be sure to use it while you can. 

Marvel Snap is available now.