'Marvel's Spider-Man' PS4 VIP Package Revealed By Marvel Studios Producer


We've seen some really cool special edition stuff related to Spider-Man since its release on PlayStation 4 last week, including t-shirts, PlayStation 4 Pro consoles, and a number of other goods. But a special VIP package sent to a select few by Insomniac Games and Sony may have just taken the cake.

Louis D'Esposito, who serves as co-president of Marvel Studios, as well as producer and director on other projects, recently shared a picture over on Twitter of a special package sent from the teams behind the Spider-Man game, packed with all sorts of goodies.

The first thing you'll notice in the photo, which can be seen below, is that Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Pro console, which features a specially designed game system with the Spider-Man emblem, along with a matching DualShock 4 controller and, from what we can surmise, the wires required to get it hooked up. (We're assuming they're under the system in the package.) There's also a boxed copy of the game included in the package.

But on top of that, Sony went the extra mile, including a few comic books to get VIP's more invested in the history of Spider-Man. This includes what appears to be a couple of classic Amazing Spider-Man books, as well as a specially designed one that leads into the story of the game, including a battle with Mr. Negative.

There also appears to be a note included with the package, with a Spidey emblem up top. We can't see what the text says, but more than likely it's Sony and/or Insomniac Games thanking the VIP for their support of the game. (Considering D'Esposito has such a primary position at Marvel Studios, he no doubt lent a hand in supporting Sony's game release.)

It's unknown just how many of these VIP packages have made the rounds, but more than likely it's limited to a few industry folks, as well as a few lucky fans that have managed to score one out of sheer luck.

If you can't get one, though, don't worry about it. There are more than enough comic books to go around; and you should be able to locate a PlayStation 4 Pro bundle if you haven't picked it up already.


Spider-Man is available now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.