'Marvel's Spider-Man' Trailer Sees Jonah Jameson Expose Spidey's Combat Arsenal

Marvel’s Spider-Man got a new trailer today that focuses on the game’s combat and everything [...]

Marvel's Spider-Man got a new trailer today that focuses on the game's combat and everything the webslinger has at his disposal when it comes to fighting crime in New York.

IGN shared a trailer for Insomniac Games' Spider-Man that features another back and forth between Spider-man and J. Jonah Jameson with the two discussing the hero's crime-stopping methods through the former Daily Bugle publisher's new podcast called "Just the Fact." Spider-Man calls into the show under the guise of a friendly neighborhood citizen and defends himself as Jameson attributes the increase in crime to the hero's activity.

"Have you noticed the insane uptick in crime since Spider-Man entered the picture?" Jameson asks Spider-Man as he unknowingly talks to the hero himself. "Why, my sources confirm that just yesterday, there was a store robbery, a shootout, and a runaway vehicle all in the same day!"

He continued his Spidey menace tirade by saying that the one thing all of these events had in common was that Spider-Man was involved.

But while the conversations between Spider-Man and Jameson are entertaining, the real takeaway from this new trailer is the combat scenes that we get to see more of with various slow-motion moves, web powers, and more shown off. Spider-Man uses an arsenal of web attacks to dispatch the members of the Inner Demons, Mister Negative's henchmen, among other thugs throughout New York. His acrobatic moves have him flipping around enemies and slinging them all over the place, be it with hand-to-hand combat or his web attacks.

We also see more of Spider-Man's various suits that he can wear, each of them boasting their own unique strengths. Jameson references the hero's mask and costume as a way for Spider-Man to "feed his gigantic and insatiable ego" before pointing out that the hero actually has more than one suit. Spider-Man defends the wardrobe by saying that each one might have different purposes, with some of those powers then showcased. Sonic powers, the ability to spray webs in an area-of-effect attack, and create holograms of himself are just a few of the hero's abilities that are made possible through his various suits.

His gadgets were also mentioned and briefly previewed with different tools like Web Bombs and Spider Drones. Spider-Man can create these gadgets himself, so players will be able to outfit their suit with even more utility as they create more gadgets.

Spider-Man releases for the PlayStation 4 on September 7.