Marvel United: Multiverse Reveals Civil War Expansion

Marvel United: Multiverse is on the final stretch, and the Kickstarter campaign continues to reveal expansions that longtime Marvel fans will absolutely lose their minds over. One of the biggest new additions is the Civil War expansion, an expansion based on one of Marvel's most well-known stories, and if you're a fan of the original comic series, you will not want to miss out on what the expansion has in store. New sculpts featuring Captain America and Iron Man are joined by the larger-than-life Goliath miniature, and the exclusives are pretty sweet as well. You can check out the full Kickstarter campaign right here.

The $40 expansion features 10 hero pieces in total, with the standard heroes being Captain America (Civil War sculpt), Iron Man (Civil War sculpt), Wonder Woman, Spectrum, Tigra, Kate Bishop, Yellow Jacket, and Goliath, and then there are two Kickstarter Exclusive heroes in Hulkling and Iron Spider.

(Photo: CMON/Spin Master Games)

Civil War by its nature is heroes against heroes, and thus brings with it a new way to play the game. Two teams of heroes battle without a villain included, and you can battle in either the more casual Clash of Heroes mode or the more competitive and thematic Registration Clash. In Registration Clash, you will divide yourself into two teams of 2 or 3, and each team has different challenges and is trying to achieve its own objectives.

Teams alternate turns on the Storyline, and while no Threats are used on Locations, you can only use an End of Turn effect if your team controls that location. Overflows also damage a hero from the team that controls the affected location. Those locations include Washington DC, Sokovia, Avengers Mountain, The Raft, Bar With No Name, and Garrett Castle.

The teams are split between Captain America's Anti-Registration Blue Team (Secret Avengers) and Iron Man's Pro-Registration Red Team. Cap's team will need to complete a deck of Missions one by one in order to win the game, which will have you saving civilians, taking down thus, and more. On Iron Man's side, they need to apprehend the Secret Avengers, and they can add Cell cards to their Vault on their dashboard to do so. If they are able to take down a Blue Team hero, they can put them in a cell and activate that card's effect, though the Blue team can break their teammates out by using 2 actions of the same type on a turn.

Clash of Heroes on the other hand is a more casual Player vs Player mode. The teams are competing for points this time around, and you can earn them by rescuing Civilians, defeating Thugs, controlling locations, and knocking out heroes from the opposing team. Population cards are drawn throughout and then you can use Heroic Actions in Locations to gain its Public Endorsement and switch control, and then you also have Event cards that can shake things up.

You can find even more information on the Civil War expansion on the official Kickstarter page, and you can find a full walkthrough on gameplay and some of the heroes in the video above.

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