New Marvel's Avengers Content Roadmap Releasing Soon

Marvel's Avengers players who want to know more about the plans for the game throughout the rest of the year will soon get their wish with the reveal of a new roadmap happening next week. Crystal Dynamic said this week in a post about the game's anniversary event that there will be an updated content roadmap released on September 8th. Along with that roadmap, players will also get another of the "State of the Game" blog posts to share more information regarding the highlights of the roadmap.

The relevant parts of the anniversary post that dealt with the reveals coming next week were shared under the "Development Updates" section of the latest blog post from the Marvel's Avengers team. Both the roadmap itself and the next State of the Game blog are scheduled to be released on September 8th, though we haven't gotten any teasers yet regarding what will be included in those posts.

The notes from this week's post referring to what's to come can be seen below:

Development Updates

  • Updated Roadmap – You've been so patient, and we're finally ready to share an updated Roadmap with you looking ahead through the rest of 2021. Keep your eyes peeled for it on 9/8.
  • State of the Game Blog – In addition to our updated Roadmap, we want to offer additional insight into what we have planned moving forward. Our State of the Game Blog will reflect on Year One in addition to sharing our plans for the future with you. Look out for it on 9/8, as well.

This roadmap and the accompanying blog post comes not long after the game got its big War for Wakanda expansion. That expansion added Black Panther to the game, a hero people had been waiting on for quite a while. With Black Panther now released, people will be looking forward to the next plans for heroes, events, and other things to look forward to in Marvel's Avengers.

The roadmap is only supposed to detail the rest of the 2021 plans, but perhaps we'll get some teasers for things even further out whenever the plans are unveiled next week.