PlayStation Users Get Free Black Panther Content in Marvel's Avengers

Now that Black Panther is officially in Marvel's Avengers thanks to the War for Wakanda expansion, players finally have access to not only a new playable character but tons of different outfits for Black Panther. Pretty much all of those have to be acquired through the in-game item shop, but for PlayStation users, you've got a chance at getting a Black Panther suit and a bit more for nothing more than having an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

Sony showed off the latest PlayStation Plus bonus for Marvel's Avengers this week with a preview of the content shown below. The main attraction for the PlayStation Plus bonus is naturally the new suit known as the "Midnight Outfit," though that's not all that players will get. The bonus also comes with a new nameplate featuring the Black Panther as well as 100 Units for players to use as they see fit.

Like pretty much any of the PlayStation Plus awards players get, there's nothing much you have to do beyond just being a subscriber in the first place. Simply follow the link above and hit the "Add to Library" option to call the PlayStation Plus reward yours, and it should be waiting for you the next time you hop online. Similarly, you should be able to follow the same course of action on the console itself by navigating to the DLC related to the game and claiming this latest bonus.

While this suit is the newest one to be added to the game, it's not the only post-launch costume that we've seen for Black Panther. Another of those was released just this week with Crystal Dynamics paying tribute to the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Black Panther through a movie-accurate suit. That one is available within the game's marketplace, so a PlayStation Plus subscription won't do you any good there.


Marvel's Avengers has also straight up given players free Black Panther skins in the past, too, without any strings attached beyond a limited time of availability. Perhaps that'll happen again in the future, but for now, be sure to claim the PlayStation Plus bonus for Black Panther while you can.