Marvel's Avengers "Earth's Mightiest" Edition Revealed

We've already seen some of the collectibles that come with special editions of Marvel's Avengers, but a newer and bigger version of the upcoming game was revealed on Friday during New York Comic-Con. This one has some collectible loot for not just Captain America like we've seen before but also for the rest of the characters who we'll be playing as. The new version of the game is called the "Earth's Mightiest" Edition, though we don't yet know how much it'll cost.

Marvel revealed the Earth's Mightiest Edition of its game on Friday to those who attended the Marvel Games panel where Marvel's Avengers was the main attraction. A brief slide from the presentation which can be seen below courtesy of our attendance at the panel shows what'll be found in the Earth's Mightiest Edition.

Marvel's Avengers Earth's Mightiest Edition
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment/

From the left to the right, you have Iron Man blueprints, a steelbook for the game itself, a collectible version of Black Widow's symbol, a statue of Captain America, Thor's hammer in the form of a keychain, a bobblehead for Hulk, an Avengers emblem, and a photo of all the Avengers standing with Kamala Khan. The items found in this edition are said to be "inspired by actual in-game events and items."

If you weren't paying attention to the panel when it was going on, you might be surprised to see Kamala Khan featured in what'll likely be the most expensive version of the game. The character was revealed during the panel to be another playable option in Marvel's Avengers which brings the total number of playable characters up to six so far. She meets up with the Avengers on A-Day at the start of the game before everything goes wrong which is where this photo was taken. Just before this special edition of the game was revealed, we got our first look at the sixth hero and saw some of her story and what she's capable of. We also learned about her origin story in Marvel's Avengers, a story which makes this collectible photo carry more weight than before.


Marvel's Avengers is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia platforms on May 15, 2020.