Marvel's Avengers Fans Blown Away by New Iron Man Suit

Marvel's Avengers fans are blown away by a new Iron Man suit. After skimping out on special MCU and comics skins at launch and for the first few months of post-launch, developer Crystal Dynamics has been steadily remedying this by adding MCU skins and skins from various comics to the game, suggesting they are selling well. Right on cue, Crystal Dynamics -- using the game's official Twitter account -- has revealed the Iron Man's Nothing to Fear Outfit, which as you would expect, is inspired by the character's Uru Armor that first debuted Fear Itself #7. In other words, it's a comics suit, which the game doesn't have a ton of, and which fans have been asking for more of.

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear how much the outfit will cost when it releases, but it will presumably be in line with previous premium suits. There's also no word of when exactly it will release, but again, it will presumably be alongside the normal marketplace update. If we get any more information pertaining to either of these mysteries, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.

Below, you can check out our first look at the new suit, courtesy of the Marvel's Avengers Twitter account:

As noted in the headline, the release of the new Iron Man suit has caught many fans by surprise, and unlike the release of some suits, the reception has been almost exclusively positive, with fans praising the authentic design. That said, some fans claim they still won't be buying the outfit in protest of the current state of the game. Meanwhile, others remain desperate for a roadmap or, in other words, details on what's coming to the game next.


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