Marvel's Avengers Adds Epic New Hulk Skin

Marvel's Avengers is adding a new Hulk skin for players to purchase later this week. The new skin comes at an odd time for Marvel's Avengers. Earlier this week, Embracer Group acquired Marvel's Avengers developer Crystal Dynamics along with several other Western Square Enix studios. Although Marvel titles are included in the transaction, Disney still has to give its ultimate approval on whether Embracer can use the games as they own Marvel. With that said, it has left the future of Marvel's Avengers in doubt. If Disney doesn't approve it, it's possible the games will be delisted, have their servers shut down, and be left in limbo. At the moment, there's no telling what will happen, it could go over smoothly, but it's a waiting game for right now.

Nonetheless, Crystal Dynamics has added a new Hulk skin in Marvel's Avengers. The skin is called "Hulk's Monster Heart" outfit and gives him a massive, radiating glow with some black shorts. The outfit is inspired by the Incredible Hulks Vol. 1 #632 (2011) comic and will be available in the marketplace starting tomorrow, May 5th, 2022. One fan asked whether the skin will make Hulk glow in combat and the Marvel's Avengers Twitter account responded with an eye emoji, suggesting that could very well be the case. This is just one of many skins to come to the game recently and is likely not the last. Earlier this year, a Marvel's Avengers developer said the game has no roadmap at the moment and will be focused on smaller, short term updates and content drops. 

It seems likely this will result in Crystal Dynamics doubling down on new skins as opposed to adding big expansions or new heroes, but perhaps Embracer Group will encourage them to continue supporting the game if they successfully acquire the title. Many have expressed frustration with the lack of meaningful content and many issues in Marvel's Avengers since it launched, but at least they continue to pump out cool costumes for players to sport.


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