Marvel's Avengers' Hulkbuster Is a "Major Component" of Tony Stark's Arsenal

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics treated Marvel fans to the first look at Marvel’s Avengers’ [...]

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics treated Marvel fans to the first look at Marvel's Avengers' version of the Hulkbuster armor. The towering suit of gold and red came crashing down if only for a moment to stun an enemy with its impact and take flight using the suit's repulsors. We still don't know much about how it'll feel to pilot the suit and at what times players may be called upon to use it, but we at least know now after speaking with Crystal Dynamics studio head Scot Amos that the suit isn't just some basic skin players can equip.

The Hulkbuster armor is pretty much unmissable on a battlefield, but it was only in the game's first War Table stream for a few seconds. Crystal Dynamics made a point to show it off after the logo drop following a gameplay montage to indicate the Hulkbuster reveal was a tease for what's to come.

We asked Amos during a group interview following the War Table stream if there was any more that could be shared about the Hulkbuster and how it'd fit into the game. Amos confirmed that this isn't a one-off skin and that it's instead a "major component" of Tony Stark's kit.

"You saw the Hulkbuster. Definitely, it was a tease," Amos said. "No, it is not some one-off skin that you just get to see periodically. It is a major component of Tony's arsenal. I will leave it there at the moment."

Amos added that the team still has "lots to talk about" concerning the Hulkbuster. He referenced a previous answer from Crystal Dynamic lead combat designer Vince Napoli pertaining to skill trees, customizable gear, and other RPG mechanics found in Marvel's Avengers, though it wasn't confirmed just yet how players will get their hands on the Hulkbuster to use it themselves.

We'll know more about the Hulkbuster sooner rather than later though. Considering how significant the armor is compared to other suits and outfits, Amos' comments about saving more discussions centered around the Hulkbuster for another day make sense.

"We want to dedicate the right amount of time to actually walk through, probably in a future War Table," Amos said. "But oh yeah, it's a real deal that you get to use and play, both in campaign and in War Zones."

Along with the Hulkbuster reveal, we also got a new look at the game's story through the trailer at the top. A much longer gameplay segment showed what it would look like to play as Thor while using a range of melee and long-distance attacks.

Marvel's Avengers is scheduled to release on September 4th.