Marvel's Avengers Delays Some Content from Kate Bishop Update

Parts of Marvel's Avengers' Kate Bishop update scheduled to release on December 8th have been delayed, Crystal Dynamics announced this week. Kate Bishop herself is still coming to the game next week as the first DLC superhero to join the roster and will be available on time, but the Omega-Level version of the Super-Adaptoid Mission and AIM Cloning Labs missions will take a while longer to released. Those two new experiences don't have release dates yet, but the developer said it hopes to get the missions into the game as soon as possible.

Crystal Dynamics shared the latest on the update scheduled for next week which features Kate Bishop as the centerpiece of the content. The good news for players is that the hero herself isn't being delayed even if other parts of the update are.

These Omega-Level missions are challenges for players to complete that are geared towards those who've already reached Marvel's Avengers' endgame stages and are ready for something more difficult. They're designed to be played with others, so if you don't yet have a superhero team put together to take them on yet, it'd probably be smart to figure out who'll be fighting by your side.

"In the next few weeks we will introduce a new mission classification to Marvel's Avengers – Omega-Level Threats," Crystal Dynamics said in a past update. "Missions under the Omega-Level Threat umbrella are multiplayer-focused challenges that are tuned for high-end players and offer special late-game rewards. Skill and coordination with your team will be key to overcoming these missions, including the Avengers-worthy fight at the finale."

Those new Omega-Level missions were announced back in October at the same time as news broke of a different Marvel's Avengers delay. The studio said then that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S versions of the game would be pushed back to sometime next year in order to devote more time to the experience and make sure it's completed.


Marvel's Avengers' Kate Bishop update will release on December 8th.