Marvel's Avengers Confirms More PlayStation 4 Exclusives

Marvel’s Avengers players are already getting to play the game’s beta first and will be the only group who can play as Spider-Man whenever he’s eventually added to the game, but it looks like that’s not all they’re getting. An overview of some of Marvel’s Avengers’ features and systems shared exactly one month before the game’s launch gave some insights into what exclusives PlayStation 4 owners will enjoy and how long they’ll enjoy them for. Cosmetics, in-game currencies, and other incentives are already lined up for the game’s launch and its content afterwards.

Crystal Dynamics previewed the game’s PlayStation 4 exclusives in a post on the PlayStation Blog site to show what’s planned. For every one of the six heroes included in the game at launch and for those like Hawkeye who are coming afterwards, players will receive first access to different outfits, emotes, and other customizations for the heroes. It wasn’t specified that these will be given away to players, so it seems more like players on the PlayStation 4 will simply have the opportunity to acquire these skins before those on other platforms.

If you’ve got a PlayStation Plus subscription, you’ll be getting even more. Those players will get free bundles for every post-launch hero and will get a set of cosmetics for Ms. Marvel when the game launches.

“When it comes to cosmetics, PlayStation players will have 30-day exclusive access to a Legendary Outfit, Legendary Emote, Epic Takedown, and nameplate for each Super Hero as they are released – this is also for the six launch heroes,” Crystal Dynamics community and social media manager Andy Wong said about the exclusives. “In addition, we also have rewards for those with a PlayStation Plus subscription. For each Super Hero added to the game post-launch, Hawkeye included, all PS Plus members will receive a free bundle that contains a Rare Outfit, nameplate, and 100 Credits to celebrate the addition of another Avenger to the roster. At launch, we’ll have a free bundle for Ms. Marvel available for PS Plus members to embiggen our love for Kamala!”

Community challenges wherein players will work together to complete goals and earn rewards were also discussed. Some of those challenges will be exclusive to the PlayStation community as well.

As we’ve already seen before, the Marvel’s Avengers beta will first be available to those on the PlayStation 4. You’ll have to pre-order the game if you want to take part in the first weekend, but the open beta for PlayStation 4 users will begin a week afterwards if you decide to wait.


One of the most attractive offers for PlayStation 4 owners is the exclusive Spider-Man character. Spider-Man will be added at some point as a post-launch hero, but he doesn’t yet have a release date.

Marvel’s Avengers is scheduled to release on September 4th.