Marvel's Avengers Pop Shows Off Black Widow's Stark Suit

New Marvel’s Avengers Funko Pops were revealed this week during Toy Fair 2020 to offer a stylized look at some of the game’s main characters. One of the figures is for Black Widow, but it’s not the normal version of her you’d expect to see most of the time in the game. It’s a figure modeled after the character’s Stark Suit outfit which will be seen in Marvel’s Avengers when Tony Stark lends his technology to the Avengers to augment the heroes’ looks and possibly their powers.

Unveiled on Friday as part of the weekend’s figure festivities, you can see the figure (and pre-order it) through Entertainment Earth. Two different variants of the Funko Pop were announced, but they’re both modeled after the Stark Tech Suit outfit.

A preview of both the base figure and the variant can be seen below.

Marvel's Avengers Black Widow Stark Suit Pop2
(Photo: Entertainment Earth)

“This Marvel's Avengers Game Black Widow (Stark Tech Suit) Pop! Vinyl Figure measures approximately 3 3/4-inches tall,” a description of the figure reads. “Comes packaged in a window display box.”

Those interest in Marvel’s Avengers got their first look at these Stark Suits back during New York Comic-Con 2019. Some concept art for the suits was shown during the Marvel Games panel and showed each of the characters outfitted with Stark technology in different ways. For Black Widow, her typical outfit was transformed into a black and gold look while her staff weapon arcs with energy. The hero also appeared to be wearing some sort of headgear over her eyes, though unless you were attending the panel in-person, it wasn’t easy to make out.

A stylized Funko Pop obviously can’t offer the most faithful version of a character’s appearance no matter how spot-on it appears, but this is still one of the best looks yet that we’ve gotten at the Stark Suits. None of the other Funko Pops outfitted the rest of the Marvel’s Avengers crew with the technology, so Black Widow’s alternate outfit is the only one we’ve seen so far.

We’ve seen other costumes for the game’s characters besides these before, but we know how to get those in-game whether it’s by pre-ordering it or buying different versions. It hasn’t been revealed yet how the Stark Suits will be implemented in Marvel’s Avengers, though perhaps they’ll be part of the game’s story and not just an alternate costume.


Marvel’s Avengers releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia platforms on September 4th.

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