Marvel's Avengers Reveals the Best Look Yet at the Hulk

The Hulk is an unmistakable member of Marvel’s super-powered Avengers cast who players will be [...]

The Hulk is an unmistakable member of Marvel's super-powered Avengers cast who players will be able to take control of when Marvel's Avengers releases, and he's one of the heroes who people are probably looking forward to playing most of all. Replacing fancy tricks and acrobatics with raw power and force, we've already seen some of what the Hulk can do in the gameplay preview shown above. A new breakdown of the Hulk and his human alter-ego Bruce Banner that's been shared by Marvel gives us the best, most detailed look yet at the hero and how the game is creating its own version of the Hulk.

Just as it's done with some of the other members of the Avengers, Marvel put the spotlight on the Hulk in a post on its site. Calling the hero an "unrelenting freight train" fueled by anger, Marvel included some comments from game director Tore Blystad to explain how Marvel's Avengers' version of the Hulk was made the hero's human form in mind.

"For Hulk, the design challenge for the team has been different than the other characters," Blystad said. "In order to bring something unique to a character with a narrow aesthetic range to draw from, the focus was instead on Hulk's build. His face has been modeled from our Bruce Banner face, so they share the same facial features."

The comments were supplemented with a close-up video of the Hulk to show the various details that went into the creation of this character.

Fellow Avenger Captain America was similarly highlighted by Marvel previously.

Also revealed in the post was a better look at the alternate outfit for the hero: Joe Fixit Hulk. It's an outfit Marvel's Avengers fans have caught a glimpse of before but is one many people might not recognize if they don't know the story behind it. Marvel pointed its readers toward The Incredible Hulk #347 for further reading.

"One of the coolest cats around was Banner's alter-alter-ego, Joe Fixit," Marvel's post said. "The grey Hulk traded scruples for extra intelligence, giving him the will and the way to act outside the moral boundaries of both Bruce and The Hulk. No one can argue against his superior fashion sense, as illustrated in the stylish pinstripe suit with sharp fedora and sleek saddle shoes, seen in the video above."

Marvel's Avengers is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia platforms on May 15, 2020.