Marvel's Iron Man VR Team Reveals Changes From Demo Responses

Marvel's Iron Man VR for PlayStation 4 has been meet with excited responses from fans who went [...]

Marvel's Iron Man VR for PlayStation 4 has been meet with excited responses from fans who went hands on with the game's free demo. Marvel fans and video game critics have been impressed with the experience of suiting up for some time as the Armored Avenger but there have been some demands from gamers after their 40-minute demo came to an end. Those requests are not going unheard. The team behind Marvel's Iron Man VR has made a few improvement to the game ahead of its launch to ensure the best experience, according to Camouflaj's Iron Man VR director Ryan Payton.

"As a team, we spent a day and just watched and listened to the community in terms of how they react to the demo," Payton told in an interview ahead of Iron Man VR's launch. "We were just grinning from ear to ear about just how positive everything was, and we were just really excited. That being said, we noticed a few things that we wanted to improve in the full game, just based on how players were reacting. There's a number of things that are just under the hood that are going to make the flying and the combat feel all that much better, but, more specifically, there was a few things such as some of the turning speed feedback that we received. Top of the list was even though you're flying at speeds somewhere around 250 miles an hour, people wanted to go faster, so we did make a tweak to allow players to boost even faster and more frequently, to the detriment of our engineering team. So, that's something for players look forward to with that."

For gamers who compare their experience with the demo to the full game, it sounds like turning will be sharp and flying with be faster, among other slight changes.

(Photo: Iron Man VR / Camouflaj)

"The demo is a very robust demo, I think, compared to most free demos out there for PlayStation games," Payton explains. "That's something that our partners at PlayStation were really supportive of, of this idea that we wanted to give players enough of a taste of the core gameplay mechanics to the point where they have enough context that they can become comfortable with it. Like that first feel, that you kind of feel like you are Tony in terms of just getting used to this whole idea of you being in the armor and flying at high speeds. What we didn't want to do is just give a tease, just as you're starting to feel comfortable, and then it's like, 'Hey, wait for the full game.'"

There is no official word on how long the game will take to complete but almost all of the core game play mechanics are on display in the demo. "That set of core mechanics probably represents 70% or 80% of what the moment-to-moment gameplay is in the game," Payton says. "One of the great challenges of building the full campaign is that it does take time for players to learn how to do these things as Iron Man while flying, shooting, ground pounding, rocket punching, and unibeaming, and we've really had to work hard to make sure that we're introducing these mechanics with enough time in between because it is so intense and it is such a big, cinematic action game. That's been one of the things I didn't anticipate, and it ended up being one of our greatest challenges when we developed the full campaign."

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Marvel's Iron Man VR comes available on July 3.