Marvel's Iron Man VR Video Reveals New Demo Gameplay

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is the next big Marvel game releasing this summer that’ll give players a chance to put on their own Iron Man suits in virtual reality, but you don’t have to wait until that release to try it out. There’s a demo available now to give players their first hands-on experience as Iron Man so long as they have the proper virtual reality setup to allow them to play. If you don’t have that setup yet or if you’re still on the fence about the game and want to see more before you drag out your PSVR gear, a new video featuring the demo shows off gameplay consisting of flights, shooting, and other aspects of being Iron Man.

The Marvel’s Iron Man VR video above was released this week as part of the PlayStation Underground series where Ryan Darcey, designer at Camouflaj working on the new game, and Ryan Payton, the game’s director, offered some insights into the game. Behind them was the actual game itself played from the start of the demo as players suit up and first get their bearings as Iron Man before taking flight and taking on enemies.

This demo will walk players through the basics of playing as Iron man in a virtual reality setting where they soar around Malibu by angling the thrusters according to where they want to go. You’ll be able to use other abilities as well like the Repulsor blasts to knock away enemies such as the hacked Stark drones and other threats that you’ll find later in the full game. The demo ends with players saving Pepper from the plane that’s going down with the gameplay demo lasting around 15 minutes in the video.

The demo is available now for anyone who wants to try it ahead of the full game’s release. Marvel’s Iron Man VR was supposed to be out already before a delay pushed the game’s release date back to an indefinite date, but it’s now been given a new release date of July 3rd. This puts it right between The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima, the first of which is releasing in June while the second releases in July.

You’ll of course need a VR setup if you want to play, and a new bundle releasing with the game included will take care of that for you if Iron Man has inspired you to dip into virtual reality.