Marvel's Spider-Man on PC Gets Last-Minute Price Change for Some

Marvel's Spider-Man is finally slated to come to PC next week, but prior to that release, the PlayStation-published title has received a last-minute price alteration in some regions. For those in the United States, Marvel's Spider-Man will end up costing the "standard" price of $59.99, which is to be expected with any games that aren't solely for next-gen platforms. However, those in other territories have seen the game's price now drop, which has led to PlayStation suggesting that those who have already pre-ordered the game now do so again. 

Detailed in a recent message on Steam, PlayStation said that it "incorrectly" priced Marvel's Spider-Man for PC in Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Previously, the game was slated to cost £54.99, but its actual price has now been dropped to £49.99.

"We have now fixed this issue," PlayStation said simply in this message. "Other markets have not been affected. If you pre-purchased the title and are from any of the above markets, you will want to follow the steps below to ensure you receive the correct lower price."

PlayStation went on to say that customers who previously pre-ordered Marvel's Spider-Man in these regions will want to fully cancel their purchase to get a refund. After doing so, customers can then buy the game at this new price to ensure that they'll still receive the in-game bonus items that come with pre-ordering Marvel's Spider-Man

As mentioned, Marvel's Spider-Man is slated to finally come to PC next week and will release on August 12th. Later this year, the game's follow-up entry, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, is also set to land on PC. No launch date for this title has been announced by Sony at the time of this writing, though. 


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