‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Discounted On PlayStation Store For Black Friday

There's a pretty good Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Slim bundle making the rounds for Black Friday. But what if you already own the system and just want to download the game for a discounted price? Well, fam, Sony has you covered.


The publisher has thrown a surprise in with its Black Friday sale, offering Insomniac Games' web-slinging adventure for PlayStation 4 for a discounted price. What's more, it's available to everyone, and not just PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The standard game goes for $39.59, which is down from its usual price of $59.99. That's a fantastic savings, especially considering the hours' worth of adventure that you're going to get out of the game.

But as you're aware probably, the Turf Wars downloadable content became available today; and you can get your hands on that, as well as The Heist and the third forthcoming chapter in the City That Never Sleeps pack, if you purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition. It's on sale too, going for $59.99, down from its usual price of $79.99. That's a pretty good savings -- or you can consider it buying the main game and getting the DLC for free.

We reviewed Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 upon its release and found it to be a captivating adventure that perfectly recreates what we want in a Spider-Man adventure -- and that's keeping those other great Spidey games that have come out over the years in mind. "There's so much more I want to tell you about this game. I want to assure you that the stealth missions will make your mouth go dry. I want to warn you about certain challenges. I want to admonish you to cherish your time with certain characters. There's much more that I could say, but you don't need any more persuasion. This is a genre-defining and generation-defining effort from Insomniac, Sony, and Marvel, and it's one of the best Spider-Man stories ever told. Go play it. Go be great."


So, yeah, we highly recommend it; and now you've got a few days (until November 26) to get it for a phenomenal price. So you can be great and still have a few bucks left over for yourself. Now go!

Spider-Man is available now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.