Marvel Originally Vetoed Major 'Spider-Man' PS4 Death

marvel's spider-man sad parker
(Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

According to the voice actor of Peter Parker in Marvel's Spider-Man, Marvel originally was unhappy with a major character death in the game, and didn't want developer Insomniac Games to include it.

Note: Major SPOILERS for Marvel's Spider-Man are ahead in this article.

Marvel's Spider-Man story wasn't just surprisingly very good, but surprisingly emotional, personal, and sometimes a little dark.

If you played the game, you'll know at one point Doctor Octopus unleashed Devil's Breath into New York city, poisoning those who came in contact with it. And at the end of the game, this left Peter Parker with a very difficulty choice: use the little bit of the curing serum to save Aunt May, who was dying as a result of Devil's Breath, or keep the serum so it can be duplicated and save the lives of many in the city. If Parker chose the latter -- which he did -- Aunt May dies, as she doesn't have enough time to wait for the sample to be duplicated.

The result of this is one of the best and most emotional scenes in any video game in 2018. It's even more emotional than Peter's last moments with Doctor Octopus after he defeated him.

Part of what makes the scene so great though is the incredible acting by Yuri Lowenthal, who brought Peter to life throughout the game with an overall stellar performance.

And speaking of Yuri, it's through the voice actor that we learn that Marvel, perhaps unsurprisingly, wasn't very smitten by the idea of Aunt May dying.

Speaking on The GameZone Podcast, the actor revealed that Marvel didn't want Insomniac to kill Aunt May originally, but over time, decided to give Insomniac Games the greenlight.


Of course, it's reasonable to think Marvel wasn't very hot on the idea of killing off such a beloved and important character, especially in the first game, but I think it was the right call. Aunt May's death gave the game's story weight, and ultimately gave the world consequence.

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