'Marvel's Spider-Man's New Iron Spider Armor Suit Has Some Incredible Details

. In fact, the general consensus seems to rank the suit right up there alongside the Advanced Suit [...]

marvel's spider-man iron spider
(Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

With the release of Marvel's Spider-Man's second DLC -- Turf Wars -- Insomniac Games has added three brand-new suits to the game: Spider Clan, Spider Armor MK1, and Iron Spider Armor. But it's only the last one that has established itself as one of players' favorite suits in the game.

if you've spent any time on the Marvel's Spider-Man Reddit page since the launch of Turf Wars, you'll know that the most common type of post is one gushing over the red and gold suit (or one hating on Screwball). In fact, the general consensus seems to rank the suit right up there alongside the Advanced Suit and the Dark Suit as the best in the game. And it's no surprise, I mean, look at this thing:

The Iron Spider suit looks menacing af... from r/SpidermanPS4

But what makes the suit so popular isn't just that it's a looker and makes Peter Parker look like an indestructible badass, it's also the attention to detail. The most immediate detail is how the light reflects off its shiny surface, which like every suit in the game, is brought to life through intricate and meticulous design.

But there's also some smaller details, like how the light up parts glow at night. Of these smaller details though, the one that perhaps illustrates the suit's attention to the finer things the most is the worn paint on the knuckles.

Iron Spider suit has worn paint on the knuckles from r/SpidermanPS4

Unfortunately, this suit can't be unlocked until after you beat the DLC, meaning if you want to see it in action you'll have to wait until the third and final DLC, which releases next month, or start a New Game Plus playthrough.

Marvel's Spider-Man is available exclusively for PlayStation 4. For more news and coverage of the critically-acclaimed open-word action game, as well as all things Spidey, click here.

As mentioned above, the game's second DLC -- Turf Wars, which stars Hammerhead -- released earlier this week. Meanwhile, the third and final DLC -- Silver Lining -- is scheduled to release sometime next month. Insomniac Games has yet to reveal the DLC, but fans suspect it will star Silver Sable. Expect a debut trailer and the three new suits that will come with it to be revealed closer to release.