Marvel and Sony Break Ridiculous Spider-Man Guinness World Record

Sony and Marvel worked together once again outside of Marvel’s Spider-Man to break a Guinness World Record for the most people dressed as Spider-Man in one location.

The record was broken at Stockholm Comic Con where Sony and Marvel enlisted 547 different people to dress up as Spider-Man to help break the record. Marvel’s chief editor C.B. Cebulski tweeted early on Sunday that the two companies that made Marvel’s Spider-Man would be working together to try and break the world record for Spider-Men gathered in one place with an image of a convention promo advertising the attempt. Following that tweet, Cebulski shared another image that showed a sea of Spider-Men totaling 547 people, a number that helped push Marvel and Sony to be the new record-holders for the most people dressed as Spider-Man in one location.

Like many world records, there’s a strong chance that many people didn’t even know that putting tons of Spider-Men cosplayers in one spot was a record to go for. With Marvel’s Spider-Man still dominating headlines and players’ attention since it was just released, it seems like the event was as fitting a time as ever to capitalize on the Spider-Man frenzy and beat the record, but now that it’s on people’s radars, you can bet that future events will feature more than one attempt to topple Sony and Marvel’s new record with more than 547 people.

Each of the participants in the Stockholm Comic Con Guinness World Record attempt are wearing the more traditional red, blue, and white take on the Spider-Man suit, but the Marvel’s Spider-Man game itself has many more Spider-Man suits to choose from. Along with the Advanced Suit that makes an appearance in Marvel’s Spider-Man, other custom suits as well as those that pull inspiration from comics and movies can all be found in the game as well. A list of all of the suits available in the game can be found here and in the video above, but there’s also one added to the game after the list was made that’s a secret suit only to be unlocked through a series of hidden challenges.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now available for the PlayStation 4.