‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’: No Raimi Suit Is Disappointing, But Where’s Spider-Cop?

This week, developer Insomniac Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed the [...]

Spider-Man Spider-Cop
(Photo: Lucas Ferreira)

This week, developer Insomniac Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed the release date of Marvel's Spider-Man third and final DLC: Silver Lining. In addition to providing a new trailer and a release date, the pair also divulged the three new suits, and seemingly the last three suits, being added to the game.

To the surprise of some fans, Insomniac Games wasn't saving the best for last: the hotly demanded Raimi Suit. Instead, it revealed the Cyborg suit, the Into The Spider Verse suit, and the Aaaron Aikman Armor suit will be the three new outfits coming with the game's final DLC. And as you would expect, this was a disappointment for a considerable amount of players, who have long been pleading with Insomniac Games to add the Raimi suit, and who were expecting it to be revealed in the final batch of suits.

But while many fans took to Twitter and Reddit to share this displeasure at the Raimi suit snub, some have pointed out that it now looks like that a Spider-Cop suit also won't make it into the game.

For those that don't know: demand for a Spider-Cop suit surfaced not long after the game released when players fell in love with Peter Parker's alter ego he took up while working with Yuri Watanbe, a support character in Marvel's Spider-Man who is the captain of the New York City Police Department and a general ally of Spidey.

For many, Spider-Cop was one of the best and most memorable moments of the game. However, expectations that Insomniac Games would make some type of Spider-Cop homage suit didn't start really manifesting until Spider-Cop made a small appearance in an issue of Spider-Geddon back in November. Not only did this appearance of the alter ego hero confirm it exists in some official capacity, but many took it as a tease that Insomniac Games was adding it to the game as a post-launch DLC suit, especially since its appearance in Spider-Geddon looked to be that of an in-game model. But alas, it doesn't look like anything will come of this.

While it remains possible Insomniac Games adds a Spider-Cop suit later down the road, it seems unlikely. Silver Lining's release on December 21 will bring an end to the game's post-launch DLC run, which by the end will have seen nine different suits added to the game. It appears like Insomniac Games will not be adding any more suits into the PlayStation 4 exclusive, but who knows, maybe it will trickle some out in 2019. Fingers crossed one will be a Spider-Cop outfit.

Beyond the Raimi suit and Spider-Cop, another suit that seemingly got snubbed was Bombastic Bag-Man, which was heavily teased back in September, but wasn't included in any of the DLC.

Anyway, hit the comments and let us know what you think. What suits did Insomniac Games miss that should have been in the game?