Mass Effect 4 Theories Point to Two Huge Returns

The big question on the mind of every Mass Effect fan is whether or not Commander Shepard is going to return in the new Mass Effect game, tentatively dubbed Mass Effect 4 or Mass Effect 5 depending on who you're asking. Of course, there are a million theories on how this could happen, but some of the most compelling involve the Geth, who BioWare seemingly teased in a poster for the game.

Of course, if you chose the Destroy ending in Mass Effect 3, the Geth are seemingly destroyed. However, various theories have found narrative explanations around this, including the fact that some could have been in dark space/another galaxy or that the Reapers were lying when they said all AI would be permanently destroyed. Whatever the case, the poster seems to confirm their inclusion in the new game, which opens more doors for Commander Shepard to return. 

Naturally, some of these theories -- like one that involves Commander Shepard entering the Geth server in the events of Mass Effect 3 -- are better than others. That said, some of the most compelling of these theories have been collected into a single video, courtesy of YouTuber MrHulthen. 

If the Geth survived the canon events of the trilogy, it opens several more possibilities for Shepard to return. And it seems most players want Shepard to return, not necessarily as the protagonist, but simply to get proper closure. Unfortunately, the events of Mass Effect 3 seemingly rules out the possibility of Legion, specifically, returning. 

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