'Mass Effect' Producer Promises the Franchise's Future "Is Bright"

Another N7 day has come and gone for Mass Effect fans and though BioWare had no new game news to share, they did offer hope. Not only did we get another touching video - even with Casey Hudson and the famous "I should go" mug - but Lead Producer Mike Gamble also offered up a light for the series.

This isn't the first time a key member of the team reassured fans that this franchise is far from over, despite its temporary shelving by EA to focus on Anthem. That being said, it is nice to continuously see these words of hope nothing that sometime in the future we'll be able to take to the stars once more for another incredible adventure.

Gamble told EuroGamer ealier this year, "It's key to be very clear what this game is," Gamble told the site regarding Anthem. "It is not a single-player corridor shooter, it's not a Mass Effect game, it's not a Dragon Age game, as much as those IPs are special to us. As much as we have various projects in the works and there's a team working on Dragon Age stuff right now, and Mass Effect is certainly not dead, Anthem is different and we have to highlight those differences, of which co-operative play is a big difference."

This also backs up what Casey Hudson has said in the recent past about returning to the series once more when the fast amount of work for Anthem is tampered down. During E3 2018, I recently got a chance to chat with a key member of EA and we talked about their new Star Wars game recently announced ("So many lightsabers, who doesn't want lightsabers!?"). Me being the Mass Effect fangirl that I am, of course I couldn't just let that question go unasked about the future of the franchise.


"Oh, no. Mass Effect is definitely still happening," my source told me. "That franchise is much too valuable to EA for them not to do anything with it." Which, let me be real - was very exciting to hear.

Though the recent dialogue has opened up a bit more about the series' future, we still don't have anything more concrete at this time. Still — the hope is alive and we'll be taking to the stars once more at some point down the line.