Mass Effect Legendary Edition Revealed

Mass Effect fans have long wanted EA and BioWare to bring out a remastered or better yet completely remade version of their hit Mass Effect trilogy, and while it's been rumored for quite some time, the news is finally official, and on N7 Day no less. Bioware revealed the official title is Mass Effect Legendary Edition (courtesy of ChaosMole), which brings remastered versions of the original Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 and puts them in one amazing bundle for PC and consoles. Each one has received a coat of fresh paint for current-gen consoles and will include all of the additional downloadable content those games received during their initial release and will feature better resolution, framerates, textures, character models, and effects.

The Remastered Edition will not be a remake but a substantial remaster, so players can experience the game in its "best possible form". You can check out a new teaser trailer for the new edition below.

As for all that downloadable content, that means things like the beloved Citadel content is in the mix, which fleshed out the game's final arc in several delightful ways. That also means the content that was isolated with deluxe editions or pre-order bonuses will all be under one roof, which is more important for Mass Effect 2 and 3.

For those who remember, Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect 2 both had DLC which brought in more squad members. For Mass Effect 3, that was the last surviving Prothean Javik. He wasn't the most charismatic character right off the bat, but you were rewarded with a very interesting character if you took the time to explore conversations and take him into battle, and you also learned quite a bit more about the Protheans as a result of those conversations. For Mass Effect 2, it was characters like Zaeed and Kasumi. While we enjoyed Zaeed's mission (it's quite fun), Kasumi is an invaluable part of the squad once you bring her on board, so having both to choose from right from the get-go is a great thing.


Mass Effect Legendary Edition doesn't have a specific release date but will hit in 2021.

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