Mass Effect Director Shares Great News About the Next Game

Yesterday, at The Game Awards 2020, BioWare surprised Mass Effect fans by revealing a teaser trailer for the next and untitled Mass Effect game, presumably in development for PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. The trailer itself doesn't reveal much of note, but it does confirm that Liara T'Soni is back and it heavily hints at the return of series protagonist, Commander Shepard. That said, this is all it reveals, and that's because the game is still in pre-production.

Following up the reveal, project director on the game, Michael Gamble, revealed that many key figures from the original trilogy have returned for this new project. For example, Dusty Everman is back, who was important in the creation of the Normandy. Joining Everman is Parrish Ley and Brenon Holmes. The former served as cinematic director of the first three games, while the latter was pivotal to the various gameplay systems throughout the trilogy. Lastly, Gamble also confirmed Derek Watts is back, the series' original art director.

When the new Mass Effect game was announced last month, BioWare noted the team working on the game was comprised of veterans, so this news doesn't come as a huge surprise, but it's nonetheless very welcomed news, especially after BioWare missed the mark with Andromeda.


A new Mass Effect is currently in development at BioWare, and that's all we know. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of a release date or platforms.