Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Reportedly Delayed to Polish ME1, Will Include All DLC

Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered -- reportedly titled Mass Effect: Legendary Collection -- has been delayed before it's even been announced. According to the report, the COVID-19 pandemic has not only impacted development, but getting the original Mass Effect up to snuff is proving to be a big task. If you've played the game recently, you'll know it's quite rough, which means the development team is dumping considerable time in order to ensure fans aren't disappointed by its quality.

More specifically, the report cites that ME1 is not up to the same quality as its two sequels. And EA wants to fix this, not only because it wants to do right by fans, but because it will be the consumer's first impression of the collection. In particular, the report cites visuals and gameplay for ME1 still needing more work.

The report also mentions that every bit of DLC for each game will be included in the package, which many hoped would be the case. However, Mass Effect 3 multiplayer won't be included, which was expected, but not previously mentioned in any previous report.

As for the report itself, it comes way of Venture Beat's Jeff Grub, who was the first to relay word of the product and has been providing updates ever since. According to Grubb, the plan was originally to reveal the game in early October and then release it later in the same month. However, apparently, this isn't the plan anymore.

Rather, it's reported the collection will now release sometime in 2021, presumably during Q1, aka sometime between January 1 and March 31. Of course, this means a reveal on November 7 -- N7 day -- is now on the table and likely. However, if EA's plan was to reveal the game and release it in the same month, it's possible this plan will hold, which would mean we won't hear about the game until 2021.


Of course, take everything here with a grain of salt. While the source is very reliable, we haven't heard anything about this collection in any official capacity, let alone that it's being pushed from its targeted release date.

At the moment of publishing, neither EA or BioWare have commented on the report, and it's unlikely they will. How do we know this? Because they haven't commented on any reports about the collection so far.