McDonald's Reveals Playable Tetris Chicken McNugget

Since debuting in the Soviet Union in 1985, Tetris has been offered on countless platforms, from PCs to video game consoles. The game has been playable in so many different formats, but the strangest might be a new promotion at McDonald's: the fast food franchise is offering a Tetris game shaped like a Chicken McNugget! The official Tetris Twitter account shared images of the device, which comes in a package modeled after an actual Chicken McNugget box, as well as McDonald's themed stickers. Unfortunately, there's a catch: the device is currently exclusive to restaurants in China.

Images of the Tetris Chicken McNugget can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Unsurprisingly, the device has found significant interest from Tetris fans! Replies to the Tweet are filled with gamers that are jealous the Tetris Chicken McNugget hasn't released outside of China. The version of Tetris playable on the device isn't going to be nearly as deep as options like Tetris Effect: Connected, but it should still make for a very cool collector's item. Unless McDonald's and Tetris opt to bring the device to North America, fans will just have to settle for snagging one on the secondary market. Thankfully, prices are actually fairly reasonable right now, costing about $30 on sites like eBay.

Unique Tetris devices have been part of the franchise going back to the earliest days. A version was originally planned for Nintendo's Game & Watch line, but was curiously cancelled. Images and video from a seemingly complete version of the game were shared online last month. Like the Tetris Chicken McNugget, the Game & Watch version would have been an LCD game. Unfortunately, that one seemed fairly limited, which might have been one of the reasons behind its cancellation. Of course, it might also have been the fact that Tetris was already a big hit on NES and Game Boy at the time. Readers can learn more about the cancelled Game & Watch version right here.

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