Get Powered Up With This Limited Edition Mega Man Bicycle

Mega Man 2
(Photo: Khodaa Bloom)

The 30th anniversary of Mega Man is underway, and we'll be celebrating with a number of games this year, including various Mega Man X titles, the forthcoming Mega Man Legacy Collection two-pack for Nintendo Switch, and, obviously, Mega Man 11. But in the meantime, true die-hard fans of the series can commemorate the anniversary in a different way – with a bicycle.

That's right, the team over at Khodaa Bloom has produced a special limited edition Mega Man bicycle that encapsulates the spirit of the classic 8-bit series in bicycle form. And, for good measure, you can get a matching jersey to go along with it, in case you feel like showing off your Mega Man colors.

"This time, Khodaa Bloom, Inc. Wave One will release a load bike and cycle wear of collaboration design commemorating the 30th anniversary of Capcom's action game (Rockman)," the company noted on its product page.

As part of the special Rockman Racing promotion, the team explained, "A fictitious team that started in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Rockman. It is a special project launched by Coder Bloom and Wave One with the keyword 'Racing team that exists in the world of Rockman.' We assumed a road race where the three teams of Rockman, Bruce and Forte competed for running, and created a new world view connecting the game and the cyclist. Although it is a fictitious team, items developed by combining Japan's leading Coder Bloom and Wave One tags can be used for high-performance, high quality and actual racing."

The bike features a limited illustration and model number, along with a solid blue frame and familiar E and 1up icons placed all over the bike, along with the word "ROCKMAN" in solid white lettering.

Mega Man
(Photo: Khodaa Bloom)

That said, however, it will cost you if you feel like importing it. The price translated from yen to dollar goes for around $2,700, and that's just for the bike itself. The jerseys will cost you a little bit more. And keep in mind that the price doesn't include shipping.

Mega man 3
(Photo: Khodaa Bloom)

Still, if you've got a few dollars to spend – and you feel all "powered up" by the thrill of bicycle riding – then this ride might just be for you.


Otherwise, keep an eye out for various Mega Man games making their way for purchase this year.