Metal Gear Solid Movie Director Teases New Script Full of Kojima Goodness

The Metal Gear Solid movie under director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is still in the works, according to the director himself. Taking to Twitter, Vogt-Roberts apologized about not being able to drop as many updates on the movie as he'd like. However, the budding director did reveal that a new draft of the script was recently turned in, and naturally it's "full Kojima-quirk and full military surrealism." Further, Vogt-Roberts is hoping to meet with a specific actor in the near-future, presumably someone who could or is playing a meaty role in the movie. And unfortunately, this is where the details dry up, though in a previous tweet the director notes that, well, making movies is really hard.

"Every movie is a miracle," wrote the director on Twitter. "Decent movies are double miracles. Great movies are triple miracles and the bottom line is making movies is hard and we should always root for films to be good."

As you may know, we first heard about a Metal Gear Solid movie back in 2006, from Hideo Kojima himself, who revealed as much at E3. However, in 2010 it was revealed the movie was being put on ice. This stayed the case until 2012. Since then, we haven't heard much about the movie, which is still in the script stage and is being directed by the aforementioned Vogt-Roberts, best known for his 2013 feature directorial debut, The Kings of Summer and 2017's Kong: Skull Island.


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