Next Metro Game Gets New Details, Preorder Info

PlayStation shows off more of the new Metro Awakening game.

The next entry in the Metro series was announced earlier this year with Metro Awakening unveiled, but it had a pretty big catch. Like some other series that have dabbled in virtual reality, it was confirmed that this new Metro game would only be released on VR devices which meant that many who'd played the other Metro games may not be able to enjoy this one if they don't have VR setups on-hand. But whether you're already sold on the game or this'll be your push to get something VR related so that you can play it, Metro Awakening got a bunch of new details shared today alongside a new trailer for the VR game.

PlayStation shared those details as part of a VR roundup consisting of three upcoming games planned for the PS VR2. It's also coming to Steam VR devices as well as the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3, but on the PS VR2 version, you'll notice things like the use of the adaptive triggers that the PS VR2 Sense controllers use. 

"The adaptive triggers are a great example of how you can boost the immersion even further, because they give you just a tiny little bit of extra feedback as you fire your weapon," said game director Samar Louwe. "And our weapon designers actually had a lot of fun implementing it, and tweaking it for each weapon. It seems like a really small thing but it is kind of like those subtle elements that make you forget that you're playing a game when it's just there, right? Another example is the haptic feedback. It gives you that little bit of added experience to make the intense things that will happen to you in this game, to make them that bit more visceral."

Even though this being a VR game makes Metro Awakening a first for the Metro series, it's still going to retain many of the key elements of the Metro games like making players scrounge for every bit of ammo they can find.

"We figured it would be best to hide those in small packets," Louwe said in regards to looking for ammo. "So you won't necessarily find full clips all the time. Instead, you will be finding single bullets out here, a couple of bullets there. And we've also made an effort to make sure that in some cases that there's a bit of environmental storytelling around how that ammo got there, and something that triggers your imagination."

The Vertigo Games team that's working on Metro Awakening also confirmed that preorders for the game would get underway in September, so expect to see more on the game between now and then. A release date hasn't been announced, but it's scheduled to be out at some point this year.