Metroidvania-Style Dead Cells Coming To Nintendo Switch, Other Consoles This Year

If you’re an avid fan of Steam games, you might have come across an Early Access darling from [...]

If you're an avid fan of Steam games, you might have come across an Early Access darling from Motion Twins called Dead Cells. It's the best kind of Metroidvania game, where you explore various levels, picking up new goods while hacking enemies big and small to pieces.

The game is still in Early Access, but the development studio already has big plans for the game this year, as it has announced that it will be making its way to consoles, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

The company launched a new trailer for the game, which seems to be tailor-made for the Nintendo Switch when it comes to an experience such as this. (Just look at what Axiom Verge and The Mummy Demastered did for it.)

Motion Twins made the decision based on how well the game performed in Early Access, as it seems to be in high demand. According to the team, the game has already sold more than 600,000 units across the board, making it a big success in the genre. So, obviously, widening that audience just makes sense for the team.

What's more, Motion Twins hopes to have a console version of the game on hand at PAX East in April, where attendees can check it out and see what it's all about. A particular platform wasn't mentioned, but producer Steve Filby did note that it would be there in some capacity, so that's good news.

As for where the game Dead Cells comes from, that's pretty much what you use. You're practically a spirit of sorts that inhabits the bodies of an unfortunate dead being, breaking your way out of a prison and collecting cells to become more complete. But some folks aren't too pleased with your actions, and will do whatever it takes to shut you down.

The game's procedurally generated environments keep it fresh every time you play, and the gameplay is exciting, based upon what we've played in the Early Access version thus far.

If you don't want to wait for the console version, you can get the game on Steam right now. Otherwise, it'll release later this year, where it's likely to be priced around $19.99 or so.