Micro Machines World Series Gets Extended Gameplay Trailer

A classic racing series is just about ready to make its return – and take on the world!

Codemasters, working alongside the team at Deep Silver, has released a new trailer for the forthcoming Micro Machines World Series, which is set to debut next month. The trailer features a whole lot of racing action that fans of the series will get excited over.

“Racing has always been at the heart of Micro Machines, and Micro Machines World Series jolts that heartbeat back into action. With hundreds of customizations available, you can race in style and make sure you stand out on every race’s starting line,” the company’s game description reads.

Chief Game Designer Gavin Cooper said, “For the first time in a Micro Machines game, every car has its own entirely distinct personality...and arsenal. Each gives players a different way to play and enjoy the game, meaning fans of the series will have plenty to sink their teeth into.”

“Players will quickly gain an affinity with a particular vehicle and find it suits their style of play,” he continued. “You can master one vehicle collecting all the 25+ customizations, but then have a whole host of variety choosing and mastering all the other vehicles in the game.”

The game description also notes, “Each ride has a slightly different feel, and even sound, in Micro Machines World Series. Choose from 12 distinctly individual vehicles, from the twitchy-but-agile rear wheel drive hot rod of El Incendio to the scarily-good all-rounder monster truck of Hank N. Stein.”

Art director Stuart Campbell also noted that the game will have a distinct mixture of classic and new tracks and arenas as well. “New locations like the workshop complement Micro Machines classics like the games room and classroom. Dodging pool balls while trying to shoot a G.I. JOE MOBAT has never looked so good or felt so fun.”

The gameplay trailer is above, and features all sorts of hijinks across a plethora of tracks. Oh, and it’ll have plenty of multiplayer racing as well, so you can show off in front of your friends. Of course.

Micro Machines World Series debuts on June 23rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.